Wk 15 – Conversations – Mary Quach 


I met Mary at the SOA Galleries and we interviewed each other! She’s 19 years old and her birthday is on February 19. She’s a first year and dorms, just like me, except she lives at the Hillside dorms. She is from Sacramento (we’re both from NorCal!), but she moved to Long Beach. She is undeclared, but is planning on getting into some kind of human services major.

Mary is half Chinese and half Vietnamese. She’s the only daughter in her family, as she has one older brother and one younger brother. She also owns a dog back home! It’s half pit bull and half chihuahua. She loves animals so much and she plans on getting a part-time job at PetSmart over the summer. 

Some interests that Mary has are art, listening to music, and recently, cooking and baking. Just like me, food is our lives. She loves all kinds of Asian  food, Cajun shrimp, and Chipotle and she loves to drink boba and other sweet Asian desserts. 

Mary likes going to the beach, the mall, and just hanging out with friends. We both love going hiking as well. We are both associated with cultural clubs! She is involved with NSU, the Japanese club on campus, as well as the Zeta Sis program, a sister program affiliated with Zeta Phi Rho, a multicultural fraternity on campus. 


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