Wk 14 – Conversations – Lizbeth Rangel

 I met Lizbeth at the SOA Galleries and we interviewed each other! She’s a first year just like me and she majors in Interior Design. I thought that was super cool because I thought of going into Interior Design as well when I was trying to choose a major when applying for college. The fact that she used to be a Biology major but recently switched out made me relate to her a lot more because I went through the whole process of switching majors too. 

She lives in LA and commutes from South Gate, which she told me was a difficult adjustment. She didn’t like how far the commute was to school, especially with the LA traffic. But eventually, the traffic just became a daily routine. She is trying to move out soon though once she had enough money! 

At South Gate High School, Lizbeth was in dance for a year and was also part of leadership in her school’s Health and Science Academy, which influenced her to initially choose Biology as her major. Although, she later realized that she loves to design the inside of things, which led to her switch to Interior Design.

Lizbeth likes to hang out with friends, go to the gym, go hiking, and go to the beach. She has also been out of state before! She had traveled to Mexico for family and Colorado as well. She has also visited San Francisco once when she was little, and remembers how crowded the Goldrn Gate Bridge was at the time she visited. 


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