Wk 12 – Conversations – Marina Barnes


I interviewed Marina at the SOA Gallery. She is a first year and used to be a Theatre major. She recently switched to film because her uncle is a director and after working with him, she realized how much she loves film. 

She resides in Newport Beach. She lives in Parkside just like me but in G Building. She has a cat and loves her a lot, just like me too! I found it really cool how she likes watching short videos and making them too, because I’m definitely passionate about video-making as well. I found it very interesting how she is peskatarian, which is a person who only eats fish meat. She also has an unhealthy obsession for kombucha and hot cheeto fries.

Marina also likes to go sailing and loves the ocean. Besides making short videos and socializing with people, she also loves to have her alone time to read and search up cool artists and short films. She says that at the age of 9, she realized how much she loves LA and plans on living there for the rest of her life.


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