Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

For this activity, I decided to try out the art of origami! I took an after school origami class in the 7th grade, so doing this was definitely a blast from the past of when I learned how to make my first paper crane. 

What I decided on making were paper balloons. I also decided on making these to help my friend with her stagecraft project.


1. cut a 2.5 x 2.5 piece of paper

2. fold in half 

3. make a triangle with the folded part and do the same with the other side; you are left with a symmetrical triangle shape

4. fold the bottom corners towards the top corner and do the same on the other side

5. on both sides bring the corners on the sides towards the middle, these corners have “pockets”

6. at the top corner, fold the folds down so they are inserted into the “pockets” of the previous folds

7. do the last step again but on the other side 

8. at the top of your balloon, there should be a hole; blow into the hole very quickly

9. your balloon has been blown up and you can shape the outside accordingly if it is slightly crumpled

This was my result:


What I was going for with my procedure is to make instructions on how to fold origami paper into a balloon. Origami is based on symmetry so most of the steps are just to fold on both sides.

With the results, my balloons came out really well! I followed my instructions with how I am able to understand it and got it right.


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