Extra Credit Blog Post #4

My favorite activities were:

1. Social Photography – I liked this activity because I liked the idea of incorporating a very popular social network site to academia. It was a very fun and relatable activity because our generation uses it all the time.

2. Fiber Arts – This was also a fun activity because I got to work with my friend, Danielle, and make cute octopi that I still keep on my shelf.

3. Student Choice – I also liked this activity because it gave me the freedom to apply art myself with any medium I was interested in. 

My least favorite activities were: 

1. Painting & Drawing – This activity did not interest me because I’m not really a fan of drawing.

2. New Media – I did not like this activity either because it was not that interesting to me and I didn’t have many ideas at first for it

3. Algorithmic Art – I also did not like this activity because it didn’t make sense to me at first and I thought it was very confusing. I also thought it included a lot of extra work.

I really like the interviewing aspect of the class but I think the activities can be a little too extra and it could be hard to do some of them, especially for people who live at the dorms who don’t have access to many resources. 


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