Wk 11 – Conversations – Hannah Drake


I met Hannah Drake at the SOA Gallery and I interviewed her! Hannah is a second year and she is a Kinesiology major. She resides in Long Beach and was not about to commit to CSULB until last minute. She lived in the dorms last year and happened to live in the same building that I am im now, with the same RA! She currently lives at home but is looking for apartments next year.

Hannah prefers to be outdoors and stay active than being inside and watching Netflix. She has been playing soccer since 3 years old and is deciding whether to play Club or Intramural in college. Most people don’t know that she’s super into rock climbing, hiking, and that she backpacked through the Palisades and glaciers around Mammoth. 

Living such an athletic childhood, Hannah went through several surgeries including ACL, MCL, and dislocated knee surgeries. With all this time with a physical therapist, she wants to pursue physical therapy with her Kinesiology degree. This, she is trying to join Kin Club for more connections to achieve this. She aspires to live a happy life with a wonderful career that she loves, that isn’t all about the money, and have a family. 

With having so much family close to home, Hannah is very family-oriented. She’s very close with her family and it’s so extended as well. Her favorite color is real, favorite food is pasta, favorite animals are giraffes, and she listens to everything but mostly country and reggae. The both of us found out we can also sing and play guitar! 

Hannah also told me about her experience being in Alpha Phi, a sorority on campus. Interested in rushing next year, I had a lot of questions about what it’s like to be in a sisterhood. She said that in her first year she would not even see herself as a sorority girl, but during her second year, she became open minded about it. She rushed last fall and she said that she loves having 130+ girls having your back, which I really liked hearings. She also likes how real and genuine they are and it makes me very excited on what to expect for next year. 


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