Wk 10 – Conversations – Kaclica Chhin & Amanda Ruiz


In Curiosity killed the cat and SATISFACTION brought it back, I was surprised to see an exhibit that was provocative and socially controversial as this. People think that talking about sex is inappropriate and there are certain social norms that must be followed when sex is involved. But with this exhibit, it totally put this topic in your face, as it made something difficult to talk about as something human and normal. 

From the artists themselves, Kaclica Chhin’s work was based off of the physical side of sex, such as touch and our anatomy, whereas Amanda Ruiz based her work off the emotional side of sex, such as orgasms and feelings behind the action. Both were curious about sex and used that to inspire them in their pieces. This exhibit was able to make the uncomfortable and unspoken topics more revealed and these things should not be swept under the rug, but used as a means to educate others. 


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