Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice


For this week’s activity, I decided on steering my efforts towards one of my new passions: film and video! I have always been interested and cinematography, video editing, and films in general, whether it’s on the big screen or just short films on Vimeo. My favorite types of films are documentary/slice-of-life videos, where daily life is explored in a creative lens. Although, I did not start creating my own videos until last winter break, where I finally found the motivation to make my own documentary series of my winter break. I started making videos, not only because of my own quiet passion for it, but I was inspired by my friend, Jan Garcia, who is an aspiring filmmaker. Her videos and the vision behind them, as well as her cinematography, helped myself find the courage to pursue a passion I had no previous knowledge or experience of and never had the time for. 

For this activity, I decided to pursue this passion by finishing an unfinished video from my winter break, using clips I filmed myself and music from one of my favorite bands.  The song is called Sea of Atlas by Sleeping At Last.


I am very proud of how I have taught myself how to make videos because it was something I just jumped into doing and I love it. Making videos helps me express my vision of how I see my world and I think it is awesome how film allows me to do that and be creative about it.


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