Wk 10 – Conversations – Maddie Vandenberg


I interviewed Maddie once I met her at the SOA Gallery. She is a second-year and is a liberal studies major, in the hopes of becoming a teacher. Although, she plans on switching out into psychology. 

Maddie resides in Long Beach but she dormed her freshmen year. Surprisingly, we both dormed in the same dorm college and building! She also lived in Parkside H Building and we both had the same RA. 

Maddie and I also bonded over Greek life because she’s in a sorority while I am planning on rushing next year. She told me a lot of great things about being in a sorority, which made me very excited to rush. She is also a member of Alpha Phi. 

She also loves to be active in general; she loves to go to the beach, hike, play volleyball, engage in outdoor activities, as well as hanging out with friends. We also bonded over soundtracks behind movies and she loves the Great Gatsby movie soundtrack, which I thought was amazing too. Her favorite movie is Just Friends, her favorite book is The Great Gatsby, and her favorite music is reggae and country.

Overall, I had a fun interview with Maddie as we bonded and related to several things!


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