Wk 9 – Conversations – Michael Rollins

Domestic Spark, 72″ x 48″, Oil on Canvas

Conflicted Flow, 76″ x 70″, Oil on Canvas

Slippery Gateway, 72″ x 84″, Oil on Canvas

Gutter Flare, 84″ x 102″, Oil on Canvas

In Michael Rollins’ exhibit, New Digs, I was so captivated by the giant paintings, elaborate detail , and the vibrant colors of each. In each painting, the feelings that I felt were slippery, yet beautiful chaos, such as life itself.

Most people ask Rollins what he is trying to express in his paintings and he says that in the end, it is up to the interpretation of who is absorbing the paintings. When creating them, Rollins said that it was all instincts and in the moment as to what goes where; he would not think about the final result, as he started from one ground color and built it from there.

Referring to Rollins’ “esoteric sensibilities,” esoteric means that everyone is able to understand and is able to tell that there is a logic or a system behind what you’re creating. In Rollins’ works, he explains that he is trying to defy that system/logic or “reference material” in his work; in the end, it should not matter what he was thinking when painting to find the true meaning of the work, but rather what you feel yourself from it. 

Rollins started drawing his entire life but made his first painting his senior year of high school. He started painting his sophomore year of college and has been continuing his craft for 6-7 years. 


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