Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

I chose the Walter Pyramid as my building because it’s the university’s symbol and most well-known building. I personally think it’s my favorite because it’s an actual pyramid that people can enter.

The Walter Pyramid was built by San Diego’s Nielsen Construction Company. Although, the building was actually designed by Don Gibbs. An interesting fact is that the pyramid is geometrically true as a pyramid; each side of the pyramid is 345 feet. The cost of the project of the pyramid was around $22 million dollars. The outside of the building is made of dark-blue aluminum and is 18 stories higher above Long Beach’s skyline. It is one of three pyramids in the United States; the last two being in Las Vegas, Nevada (Luxor Las Vegas Pyramid) and in Memphis, Tennessee (Pyramid Arena Building). In November 30th, 1994, CSULB’s men’s basketball played against University of Detroit Mercy, which was the first home game that opened the Pyramid. It is named after Dr. Mike and Arline Walter because Dr. Mike Walter was a former dean at CSULB. 

Today, the pyramid is usually held as the home stadium for Long Beach teams’ home games, especially for men and women’s basketball and volleyball teams. 

For my campus redesign, I mostly based my new ideas on student convenience. 

One of the redesigns I made are more pyramids on campus. Having more pyramids means more facilities for students and faculty to use. Also, working or hanging out in a building shaped like a pyramid is a pretty cool thing to show off when you tell friends and family that you go to CSULB. 

Another redesign I made is more “flying” escalators throughout campus. These escalators would be able to take you from the dorms to Brotman Hall and from the Bookstore to the University Theatre. This is a better means to travel on campus to make it easier for students who get tired from walking all across campus all the time.


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