Wk 8 – Conversations – Kezia Fullerton

Kezia Fullerton’s show, titled Identity, really caught my attention because of its focus on an individual’s identity. Throughout my life, I have personally philosophized on my own idea and value on identity and her show really spoke to me, as well as her awe-inspiring use of her medium. 

Her philosophy on identity also spoke to me as well; she believes that identity can be shaped not only externally, but through the relationships we have with others close to us. 

What inspired her to connect threading and identity is that she is interested in threading and used this medium to create an identity for characters, such as creating a story. 

For her little frames, it took Fullerton six hours to make. But for the bigger projects, such as the rug, it took her 200 hours. In choosing colors, she either coordinates through the colors she has been given or she bases them off of who you are. She also hand made her own dyes, using materials connected to the subject, such as tea, coffee, or avocados. She mainly chose very close friends and family to base her work off of, people she is strongly connected to. 

Fullerton started working with fiber 2-3 years ago. She grew up sewing because her mother was a seamstress. In her free time, she made handbound journals and soon enough, threading became her favorite method for creativity. 

Fullerton just graduated from CSULB and has two looms at home. Right now, she is starting up an Etsy shop and threading scarves as side money to potentially go to graduate school. 


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