Wk 8 – Activity – Remix Culture


For this activity, I uploaded a video I made during winter break as a personal project of mine. It was a series to document my winter break, since I’m a huge fan of documenting things about everyday life. Also, I think filming is super cool and getting into that was a great experience. 

In Internet culture, I feel like there is a lot of freedom to express oneself. I know that I have personally felt that through the making of my winter break project, especially since I’m a film-making newbie. There is definitely a sense of empowerment once you create something of your own. Despite the risks in expressing yourself, I believe that the feeling of empowerment is greater than the fear. 

When it comes to Copyright, I believe that there’s a good reason it’s there. I think it’s okay for artists to mark their work because they deserve the credit for creating it. Although, I think that it creates a barrier for others who are inspired by their work and who would like to “remix” their work for the person’s own creativity. 

For my work, I chose the Creative Commons license because I’m using someone else’s SoundCloud music in my video. In making this Remix piece, I thought it really made gave me a sense of freedom since I was beginning to do something that I have always wanted to start but never had the time to. In filming clips and modifying those clips to fit the song, I created something that I’m really proud of. 


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