Wk 7 – Conversations – Zhen Su

Photo creds to Professor Zucman!

I met Zhen at the SOA Gallery. He told me that he’s an international student from China and has been living in America for almost three years. He graduated from the American Language Institute here on campus and is a second-year pre-film major here at CSULB. 

27 years old, Zhen really likes the weather and the beach in SoCal. His hometown is Qing Dao, China, where he visits his family occasionally. Qing Dao has a special relationship with CSULB with their international student program, as well as both cities being coastal and having ports. Zhen’s favorite part about China is the culture, including food, and its history.

Zhen likes to play video games, surf, and explore LA. In LA, he really likes the Chinese food places there. His favorite food is hot pot. He really likes LA because of the beach and the food. 

As a pre-film major, Zhen says that he watches American movies too but they’re in Chinese. His favorite films are Big Fish and Forrest Gump. He chose to study film here because ever since he was a child, he grew up studying art and now in college, he wants to be a professional in it. 


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