Wk 7 – Conversations – Juliette Angulo

What captured my interest in Juliette Angulo’s Residual was the interesting idea of using a lack of space as a way to communicate a message across to the audience. 

Interviewing her, Angulo got her inspiration from photographing her sister, who is the cut out space in the photos, for the last couple years. In her art class, a documentation unit led her to create the photos as a series, as she used the cuts to create an emotional message behind the photos to reiterate her sister’s absence in her life.

Angulo transferred from CSU Dominguez Hills to pursue the photography program here at CSULB. She is currently a fifth-year. Growing up in Alhambra with her siblings, she was the youngest out of all of them. She was not that close with her sister, 21 years old, before presenting the series, but now she is a lot closer with her. 

She chose to name her photo series Residual because she is interested in the concept of the left-over image when the subject is taken out. Thus, the excess image is the spotlight of the photo.

Angulo admires another photographer named Justine Reyes, who also works with the family dynamic in her portraits as well. She has also interned at the Getty Museum one summer in LA. Once Angulo graduates, she will take a break before pursuing graduate school and will hopefully aspire for working at a non-profit environment with a family dynamic, inspired from the work she’s done as an intern at the Getty. 


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