Wk 6 – Conversations – Alanna Marcelletti

At the Gatov- West gallery, I was mesmerized by the intricate thread paintings created by Alanna Marcelletti. I’ve never seen anything like them before so it was very different and refreshing to revel in and learn about.

Interviewing Marcelletti, she tells me that threading paintings built an identity for her in which the process actually connected her to a certain femininity. It gave her the identity of being a woman, as well as connecting her to the domestication of other women.

In creating these artworks, Marcelletti says that the more structured ones begin work with the outer frame and from there, she begins to work from the inside out, as inner layers are stretched and threaded.

Marcelletti never realized how much she liked doing art in high school and pursuing it in college fueled her to begin her thread painting craft about a year ago.


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