Wk 6 – Conversations – Matt Do

I met Matt Do as I was talking to my friends, Beatriz and Danielle. He was also good friends with them, which prompted me to interview him.

Matt is a second-year and a nutrition major. He plans on being a firefighter paramedic after college.

My first assumption of Matt was that he loves the water because I saw that he was wearing “man-dals” and looked super slack in just a t-shirt and shorts, which was the usual attire that water polo kids in my high school sported. When I told him this, he deemed my assumption correct! 

Matt currently resides in Huntington, where he works as an ocean life guard. He says that basically loves anything that has to do with the ocean. He told me that at only nineteen years old, he has saved around four hundred lives. 

He has traveled to Hawaii and Tahiti before, which we bonded over because ever since I visited Hawaii in the seventh grade, I instantly fell in love with the place. He also told me that Tahiti is an even bigger Hawaii with clearer water! 

Besides all that, he loves surfing and snowboarding. As a commuter, he believes that he doesn’t get the full college experience compared to someone who dorms but either way, he is enjoying his studies at Long Beach.


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