Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

Film & Video:

“Fire on the Hill: The Story of the Compton Cowboys”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/394207746/fire-on-the-hill-the-story-of-the-compton-cowboys?ref=category_location

“L7: Pretend We’re Dead”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/975436123/l7-pretend-were-dead?ref=category


“Italian Moms – Spreading Their Art to Every Table”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1548897071/italian-moms-spreading-their-art-to-every-table?ref=category

“Build Austin a Blue Cat Café with rescued and adoptable cats!”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thebluecatcafe/build-austin-a-blue-cat-cafe-with-rescued-and-adop?ref=category

In this activity, surfing Kickstarter in general, definitely opened up new doors of inspiration for me. I really enjoyed browsing the different categories and all of the possible projects that artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc are creating.

In the Film & Video category, the two videos I saw were very different from each other. The first video I saw was “L7: Pretend We’re Dead,” which was about a documentary being produced about a female grunge band in the 1990s that sparked the 90s grunge movement. I’m very interested in this movement because of the rebellion and liberation of youth at the time, but unfortunately, the video did not communicate well with me. I thought the video was all effect; it featured grainy VHS home videos but not enough information that would make me want to pledge money for the project. On the contrary, “Fire on the Hill” was a very original and intriguing project. What made me love the pitch video so much, besides the tiny monologue and already beautiful cinematography in the beginning, was that the director spoke to the audience as to why we should pledge money to the project. It made me want to contribute in helping not only the filmmaker, but the Compton cowboys that benefit from it as well.

In the Food category, the two videos I saw were both good, but I enjoyed the Blue Cat Café pitch video better. I liked how the Italian Moms pitch video used a lot of delicious food photography, but there was no information as to why I would help contribute to the project. Although, just as with “Fire on the Hill,” the Blue Cat Café video had a spokesperson who sponsored and spoke about the project. With someone giving good points about the project, it also made me want to help and give money.

Because of this activity, I learned that communication and presentation are key to make others care just as much as you do about the things you’re passionate about.


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