Wk 4 – Conversations – Guillermo Vargas


I met Guillermo at the SOA Gallery and we were talking about the exhibits of the day. He told me he was from Compton, so he’s pretty local. We are both first years and he is in mechanical engineering. I felt a connection because I recently switched to chemical engineering, so we talked a lot about the classes we had to take in order to get into the program.

His favorite thing to do is to go out and have a good time, such as visiting new places he hasn’t been to. I like doing the same, especially being new to SoCal so everything is new to me. He also likes to do things to stay fit, such as hiking and kayaking. I love hiking so we bonded over that.

Guillermo also likes listening to rap, even though overall, he enjoys listening to everything and he has visited Mexico before. His favorite movie is Man On Fire (pictured above).

He told me that back at his high school, CSULB had a bad reputation so it wasn’t his top choice of schools he would rather attend. Although, once he actually went to orientation, he said that his first impression changed his preconceptions completely. He loves the fact that students can get involved at the school and how engaging the staff is for the student body. I thought it was super cool how much he thought how great of a school CSULB was.


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