Wk 2 – Conversations – Gianina Nunez





Gianina Nunez is an artist I interviewed, who showcased her pieces in the Merlino Gallery. Her show is titled, “Love Always,” and featured still life paintings of notes and other inanimate objects of important people in her life. A senior at CSULB, Nunez began her inspiration for art at the age of 9 when she realized she loved to draw. She currently aspires to be a teacher, teaching young children how to paint. Inspired by another artist named Erin Renegade, who actually presented her artwork at CSULB as well, Nunez chose to express her pieces as still life. Using still life, Nunez believes that the inanimate objects that are used to represent the people she is trying to depict in her work give more life and character to the individual, rather than the physical figures themselves.


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